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As a skilled tradesperson in your riding, I’m writing to share my concerns about the Ontario government’s trades tax that was implemented on April 8.

I already pay licenses and countless other fees. This trades tax is in addition to that and going to cost us tradespeople millions and millions of dollars with no clear benefit. It will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs, employers more to create jobs.

Ontario has struggled for years to promote the skilled trades, especially as a career choice for our young people. The trades tax will only make it harder for tradespeople to continue working in trades, and also make the trades a less attractive career choice for the next generation of Ontarians.

Not only is it a tax on tradespeople, it is a tax on all Ontarians. Costs of everything from getting a hair cut to hiring a plumber to getting a car fixed will go up.

That is why I am asking you to sign the Stop The Trades Tax pledge to oppose any and all efforts by the Ontario College of Trades to impose a mandatory membership fee, also known as a trades tax, on the tradespeople and employers in Ontario.

I encourage you to join the chorus of hundreds of thousands of tradespeople from across the province who oppose this tax by signing the pledge.

I hope we can count on you to stand with hardworking tradespeople in your riding.

Please sign the pledge, tell the Premier and Minister to Stop The Trades Tax.


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