Information for home owners and Ontarians

The Liberal government’s newly created bureaucracy will have implications for us all.

The Stop The Trades Tax campaign, which represents more than 130,000 skilled trades people across the province is urging the Ontario government to shut down its newest bureaucracy, and stop a tax on tradespeople that will cost them millions and millions of dollars.

The Liberal government is using this tax for another layer of bureaucracy that no one needs or wants.

How this affects you

  • The trades tax will be a major tax hit for tradespeople. It will make life for all Ontarians more expensive. Costs for everything from a haircut to hiring a plumber to getting a car fixed will be more expensive.
  • The Government has been saying all along it will only tax a small number of compulsory trades, but we now know in order to work in Ontario all tradespeople will have to pay the trades tax or they will be working illegally.
  • Ontario has struggled for years to attract people to skilled trades. The trades tax is a job killer, plain and simple. It will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs and employers more to create jobs.
  • All of the above will mean costs will drive up for tradespeople and for consumers for projects from new home and condo construction, to having a new road, hospital, school, or backyard deck built.

What you can do about it

  • Speak up. Tell your MPP that the trades tax will drive up consumer costs, make it harder to hire a contractor and limit opportunities for young people.
  • Share your concerns. Tell your friends about how the trades tax will affect all Ontarians.