Stop the Trades Tax!

The Liberal Government has hit hardworking tradespeople with a trades tax that will cost them millions and millions of dollars.

It’s a huge tax grab, with no clear benefit and no accountability. Tradespeople already pay for licenses and countless other fees to government. Now the Liberal government has them paying another tax to fund another government bureaucracy no one wants or needs.

Stop The Trades Tax is a grassroots campaign to urge the Ontario government to shut down its costly bureaucracy and Stop The Trades Tax. We want you to join us by adding your voice.

Here’s why

It will make life more expensive for all Ontarian’s. Costs for everything from getting a haircut to hiring a plumber to having your a car fixed will be more expensive.

Ontario has struggled for years to attract people to skilled trades. This tax will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs and employers more to create jobs. By making job creation more expensive, it will drive people out of the trades and kill jobs.

Here’s how

Each apprentice, journeyperson and employer would have to pay hundreds of dollars in new annual fees. The Government has been saying all along it will only tax a small number of compulsory trades, but we now know in order to work in Ontario all tradespeople will have to pay the trades tax or they will be working illegally.

This new bureaucracy will drive up costs for consumers for projects large and small, from new home and condo construction, to having a new road, hospital, school, or backyard deck built.

Please help Stop The Trades Tax. From this web site, you can send a letter to your MPP, local media or tell your friends. Please do what you can to help us stop this job killing tax.