Join the Stop The Trades Tax Campaign

Why Join the Stop The Trades Tax campaign?

The Stop The Trades Tax Campaign has grown to 31 organizations, representing 130,000 skilled tradespeople and 8,000 businesses across Ontario. The grassroots campaign was launched in 2011 to urge the Ontario Liberal government to Stop The Trades Tax.

Why we must work together to Stop The Trades Tax:
On April 8, 2013, the Ontario Government’s newly created bureaucracy, the Ontario College of Trades, began to force apprentices, journeypersons and employers to join and pay annual membership fees, also known as a trades tax.

This trades tax will be costly for not only tradespeople but for all Ontarians. Costs of services from getting a haircut, to having your car fixed or getting your home renovated will be more expensive.

To date, the Ontario government has not been able to say what tradespeople will get in return for this job-killing tax grab. The reality is there is no benefit to this bureaucracy.

How this affects your members:
• Instead of paying the Government $60 for three years to maintain your certificate that allows you to work in a given trade you will have to pay hundreds of dollars more in annual fees.
• Compulsory certification of trades such as painting, dry walling and carpentry means despite years of experience, many will be required to get more training;
• It will cost employers more to create jobs and tradespeople more to do their job.
• It will discourage young people from entering a given trade, from hair stylists to mechanics, and even electricians, plumbers and painters.

If you are interested in joining the campaign or want to take an active role in speaking out against the trades tax please do not hesitate to contact us.