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Dear Editor,

Ontario has struggled for years to promote the skilled trades, especially as a career choice for our young people.

Despite this, the Ontario government still wants to move forward with its job-killing trades tax, which will cost Ontario tradespeople millions and millions of dollars.

Not only will the trades tax be a major hit for tradespeople, it will make life for all Ontarians more expensive. Costs for everything from a haircut to hiring a plumber to getting a car fixed will be more expensive.

As a tradesperson, I already pay licenses and countless other fees. This costly trades tax would be in addition to that, and provide me with no tangible benefits in exchange. The trades tax will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs, employers more to create jobs.

It’s a job killer, plain and simple.

If Ontario truly wants to promote the skilled trades, then the multi-million dollar trades tax must be stopped.

It’s time the Wynne government listened to people who make their living in skilled trades – people like me.

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