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The Liberal Government’s newly created bureaucracy has implemented a trades tax that will cost hardworking tradespeople millions and millions of dollars.

The Stop The Trades Tax campaign is urging the Liberal Government to abolish its latest created bureaucracy.

This is a huge tax grab, with no clear benefit, and no accountability. Ontario has struggled for years to attract people to skilled trades and the trades tax will only kill jobs, and drive people out of the industry.

Here’s how:

The trades tax will be a major tax hit, forcing tradespeople to pay hundreds of dollars more per year.

Not only will the trades tax be a major hit for tradespeople, it will make life for all Ontarians more expensive. Costs for everything from a haircut to hiring a plumber to getting a car fixed will be more expensive.

I encourage you to sign our petition and visit to learn more about the campaign and how you can help stop the trades tax.


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