Information for tradespeople

Members of the Stop The Trades Tax campaign employ more than 130,000 skilled tradespeople across Ontario. This grassroots campaign is to urge the Ontario government to shut down its costly bureaucracy and stop the trades tax.

Why the Liberal Government must be abolish its newest bureaucracy

If the Liberal Government has its way, its new trades tax will cost hardworking tradespeople millions and millions of dollars. It’s a huge tax grab, with no clear benefit and no accountability.

The Government has said all along it will only tax a small number of compulsory trades, but we now know in order to work in Ontario all tradespeople will have to pay the trades tax or they will be working illegally.

How this affects you

  • Each apprentice, journeyperson and employer would have to pay hundreds of dollars in new annual fees
  • Compulsory certification of trades such as painting, drywalling and carpentry means despite years of experience, many will be forced into the classroom
  • It will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs, employers more to create jobs and consumers more for everything from a haircut to hiring a plumber.

What you can do about it