How to support the Campaign

Speak out

Contact your local MPP and write to your local paper to say the Trades Tax has to be stopped.

What you can say about it

• This is an multi-million dollar tax grab, with no benefit, and no reasonable justification.
• This new bureaucracy known as the College of Trades is shaping up to be boondoggle that’s going to drive people out of skilled trades and drive up costs for consumers.
• This isn’t just a tax on trades. It will make life for all Ontarians more expensive. Costs for everything from a haircut to hiring a plumber to getting a car fixed will be more expensive. It’s a major tax bite, and no one in Ontario will be exempt.
• This tax is a job killer. The sad part is Ontario has struggled for years to attract people to the skilled trades. This new tax and bureaucracy will make it a lot harder to work in the trades. It will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs and employers more to create jobs. By making job creation more expensive, the government is killing jobs at a time we need more of them.

Join the Coalition

If you’d like to support the Stop the Trades Tax campaign by joining the Campaign contact Campaign chair Sean Reid at or 289-335-1181.